Making of Spicy sauce

by Nihal Kausar
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-garlic (1 gloves)
-cinnamon stick
-chilli pepper


 Cut the onion,pepper in a smaller pieces,then wash the fish with a limon and sprinkle a little salt on it and let it dry.
Put the pot on a fire and add oil on it,heat the oil by putting on alittle onion to know whether it is hot or not,if so put the fish inside the oil to fry it (abt 2/3mint) remove it from the oil and reduce the fire and put it aside.
Add garlic and onion inside the hot oil then turn it  and leave for some mins.after that add  1 sachet of tomato inside and turn again, add ur chilli pepper inside and keep turning  until all is mix together,then add 1 cup of water inside and close the pot leave it for some times.
Crush the  fish into pieces,add them together with the cinnamon strick and  put all  spices in and turn them together, leave it for some tyms to heat off. ENJOY🍝


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